Saturday, August 11, 2007

FM Radio project

Here we will explore the wonderful world of radio. Now we will start by making L1 the tuning coil of this radio. You will need 22 gauge hookup wire and a metal bolt, 1/4 inch in diameter. Start by striping the insulation off of a 1 foot long piece of wire. Then rap it in the groves of the 1/4 inch bolt 6 times and cut off the excess wire. Leave the bolt in the coil because turning the bolt in and out of the coil tunes the radio.

The antenna is a 30 inch long piece of 22 gauge hookup wire and the mic is a condenser microphone. I have tested this circuit up to 1000ft!!! line of site
and can probably go even farther with some minor adjustments. You can receive the signal on any FM radio. If you have any questions email me at (

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Robot with talent

Here is a robot I programed to sing the song green sleeves using
a musical algorithm.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Vex Avoidance Robot

This is a simple obsticle aviodabs robot that use servo motors I use servo motors because they are more presise.

Vex Line Following Robot

This is a very simple line following robot I made with a vex kit and some simple electronics such as relays and 556 timer chips and some other basic components.I will post how to build it in a later post.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Timer Circuit

Here are some fun counter chips in a timer circuit.

Inverter Circuits

Here are some good inverter circuits I fond they, oscillate at about 50 to 60Hz. They will probably handle up to about two amps any more and the will auto shut off.Have questions ask me leave your questions in the comment box or email me at

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Light Seeking Robot

Now most people I now tell me that they can not find a good light seeking robot circuit, but I have a very easy to build simple circuit using a 556 duel timer.Now this robot works on the same principle as the 555 oscillator circuit I posted in an earlier post the only difference is that I swapped the 50k pot for 20k photo resistors. You can fiddle with the 220uf capacitors and the 470 resistors but they work the best. The robot should move about one inch a second towards the light for optimum performance, any faster it will miss the light any slower and you will get board real fast.If you have any question leave them in the comment box or email me at