Saturday, August 11, 2007

FM Radio project

Here we will explore the wonderful world of radio. Now we will start by making L1 the tuning coil of this radio. You will need 22 gauge hookup wire and a metal bolt, 1/4 inch in diameter. Start by striping the insulation off of a 1 foot long piece of wire. Then rap it in the groves of the 1/4 inch bolt 6 times and cut off the excess wire. Leave the bolt in the coil because turning the bolt in and out of the coil tunes the radio.

The antenna is a 30 inch long piece of 22 gauge hookup wire and the mic is a condenser microphone. I have tested this circuit up to 1000ft!!! line of site
and can probably go even farther with some minor adjustments. You can receive the signal on any FM radio. If you have any questions email me at (

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